The World Tarot: Unveiling Card Spreads and Interpretations by Oracle

by Oracle of the Cave
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Card: The World
Element: Earth
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Planet: Saturn

The World tarot card is the final card of the Major Arcana, symbolizing completion, success, fulfillment and wholeness. As the final card, it suggests the successful completion of a journey or major life cycle.

Description of The World Card

Meaning of position and zodiac sign of The World card

The World is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn. As the last card of the tarot deck, its element is Earth which represents the physical world and material concerns.

Its position at the end of the Major Arcana cards indicates full completion of the Fool’s journey that the preceding cards chronicle. After travelling through all the lessons and challenges of the other cards, the Fool finally reaches the ultimate fulfillment depicted by the World.

Detailed description of The World card

The Rider-Waite version of the World card shows a naked female figure encircled by a wreath and holding two wands. The wands represent fire energy and divine inspiration. At each of the four corners of the cards stand figures representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac – the lion (Leo), the bull (Taurus), the cherub (Aquarius) and the eagle (Scorpio). These symbolize the four elements – fire, earth, air and water.

The woman at the center dances within an oval wreath, representing the unity of the cosmos and harmony with the world. Her state of undress indicates purity and openness. The rainbow ribbons wrapping around her body signify the spectrum of human experience and emotions.

The meaning of The World card upside down and forward

Meaning of The World Upright card


  • Completion, achievement, reward
  • Fulfillment, harmony, prosperity
  • Integration, accomplishment, success


When the World appears upright in a reading, it is a very positive and propitious sign. It indicates the successful completion of a goal, project or endeavor. After facing trials and challenges along the Fool’s journey, you have finally reached the point of total fulfillment and wholeness.


Upright, the World card signifies the ending of a major phase or cycle in your life journey. You have completed an important milestone and can now enjoy the fruits of your labor. The card indicates feelings of achievement, reward and satisfaction for all your hard work paying off. You may be finally enjoying the well-deserved results after a long period of effort.

Meaning of The World Upright card in Work

  • Successfully completing an important work project or assignment
  • Being recognized for your accomplishments at work
  • Getting a promotion, raise or bonus
  • Achieving an important career goal like launching a business
  • Graduating from school or a training program

Meaning of The World Upright card in Finance

  • Financial success and prosperity
  • Business expansion
  • Rewards for risky investments or ventures
  • Finally being debt-free
  • Achieving financial freedom

Meaning of The World Upright card in Love

  • Being in a committed, long-term and very fulfilling relationship
  • Reaching new levels of intimacy and closeness with your partner
  • Making the choice to commit to your relationship fully, such as getting married
  • Feeling complete in yourself and your relationship

Meaning of The World card Reversed


  • Incompletion, delays
  • Lack of closure or resolution
  • Transitions, temporary setbacks
  • Feeling scattered or ungrounded


When the World appears in the reversed position, its positive meanings become inverted. Instead of completion and wholeness, the reversed World points to a lack of closure or resolution regarding a situation in your life. While setbacks may occur, they are likely temporary rather than permanent.


The World reversed suggests that while you have come very close to completing an important endeavor, you still have some way to go before fully finishing it. Alternatively, you may actually have reached the completion of a project or cycle but are having difficulty accepting its conclusion or moving on. There may be a lack of closure psychologically even if the event has happened in reality.

Meaning of The World card Reversed in Work

  • Being stalled on completing an important work milestone
  • Having to continue working on a project you thought was finished
  • Feeling disappointed over not getting expected acknowledgement or rewards for your work achievements
  • Struggling to figure out your next step career-wise after finishing an important goal

The Meaning of The World Reversed in Finance

  • Delays in receiving money owed such as refunds or insurance payouts
  • Hitting obstacles that prevent you from financial achievement
  • Going through a period of diminished income after a financial high point
  • Feeling financially scattered or missing stability

Meaning of The World card reversed in Love

  • Questioning your readiness to fully commit to a partner
  • Experiencing difficulties during wedding planning
  • Getting cold feet about marriage or moving in together with a partner
  • Realizing that you or your partner are not as ready for deep commitment as you hoped

Meaning of The World card reversed in Health

  • Recovery from illness delayed or taking longer than expected
  • Physical therapy or treatment still ongoing when hoped to be finished
  • Lingering exhaustion or health complaints after period of exertion
  • Lacking energy or feeling physically ungrounded


Whether upright or reversed, The World tarot card points to the themes of completion, achievement and wholeness in life. When upright, it indicates full success and rewards after considerable investment of self. Reversed, it suggests we still have some way to go before we can truly say we have completed something or can fully integrate a new phase of growth. Pay attention to contexts the World appears in within your spreads for clues about where a greater sense of closure or wholeness is needed on your life path.

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